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…thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that Down2earth is something that I value, refer to and save. It’s the one thing that arrives in my inbox that I don’t delete straight away, and it’s what we aspire to with our own newsletter…

Keep up the good work, there is so much poor practice out there in lead and new business generation that you have a duty to spread the word.

Diane Banister, Managing Director, Intelligent Dialogue
I have found down2earth not only informative but the layout [particularly the way it is personalised to me] is engaging in terms of relevant links and copy providing me with some really useful resources which I have now saved and will make great use of.
Sage Online Specialist, Sage UK Ltd.
Sometimes common sense can get lost in the haze of jargon and new technologies available to today's marketers. The down2earth eNewsletters cut through to pivotal issues facing the industry and provide an essential starting point for anyone beginning (or wishing to continue!) a career in digital marketing.
Digital Marketing Manager, House of Fraser
Time to take off my hat and offer a public acknowledgement of eMarket2's Best Practice eMail marketing articles and How2Guides, which are always extremely low-sell and high on marketing value. They win my unofficial award for most generous giving of expertise and trade secret tips from an agency.
EMEA Marketing Manager, LANDesk
We value your coverage of topical issues, such as best practice, avoiding spam filters, killer copy, deliverability, etc. down2earth is so useful to us that even if you made a charge, I reckon we'd pay for it!
Product Marketing Manager, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
I find the eMarket2 newsletters very useful for keeping on top of trends in e-marketing and industry best practice.
Marketing Manager, MEED
Out of all the enewsletters that I receive, I always remember D2E because it is so nicely personalised
Group Head of Marketing, Rydon Group Ltd.
I get a lot of e-mails from kind souls offering to support our Marketing efforts and many are deleted after appearing in the Preview pane. However, I usually take the time to check the down2earth newsletter as I have found some good articles in it.
Sales and Marketing Manager, R & D Tool Engineering Ltd.
I receive many eCommunications, but down2earth is the only one that I ensure I find time to open and read thoroughly. I find the content completely absorbing
Electronics: Marketing Services Manager, Brigade Electronics Plc.
I think that your newsletter is well set out and organised, saving the reader time by going to relevant articles.
Publishing: Director of International Marketing, ProQuest Information and Learning.

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