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Welcome to eMarket2’s Marketing Resource Centre, where we provide B2B marketers with marketing resources dedicated to customer acquisition, and customer retention. Our best practice How2Guides, will help you generate more qualified leads, optimise sales effectiveness, improve marketing automation, create more profitable customer interactions and improve your direct marketing results. This resource includes, industry benchmark statistics, useful free online marketing tools, case studies and inside agency secret tips to help you build and manage your own successful customer acquisition & retention programmes

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1. Benchmark & Metrics
2. Blogs & Blogging
3. Channel Marketing
4. Cool Website of the Month
5. Creative/Messaging
6. Data Services
7. Lead Generation
8. Demand Generation
9. eMail Marketing
10. Humour
11. Internet Marketing / SEO / SEM / PPC
12. Outsourced Marketing
13. StatsWatch
14. Technology for Marketing
15. Telemarketing
16. Videos
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1. Benchmark & Metrics
1.1 eMail Marketing Metrics and Trends
1.2 Top Webinar Benchmark Metrics
1.3 eMail marketing metrics that matter

2. Blogs & Blogging
2.1 How2 combine B2B corporate blogging with eMail marketing
2.2 Business Blog Creative Brief Template – Top 10 points to consider
2.3 5 Top Company Marketing Blogging Mistakes
2.4 How2Guide to B2B blogging
2.5 How2Guide: Blogging For Executives

3. Channel Marketing
3.1 How2 use multi-tiered eNewsletters for channel marketing
3.2 How2 use ePartner to keep your Channel Partners happy
3.3 How2 Motivate your Channel Partners with eMail Marketing

4. Cool Website of the Month
4.1 Cool B2B Website/ Tool of the Month: Wordtracker
4.2 Cool B2B Web Tool of the Month: Website Grader
4.3 Cool B2B Website of the Month: Jigsaw
4.4 Cool B2B Website of the Month: Junta42
4.5 Cool Website of the Month: Supplement your B2B web analytics with actionable data
4.6 Cool B2B Website of the Month: Self-help Sales & Marketing Tools

5. Creative/Messaging
5.1 15 Things to Know about B2B Lead Generation
5.2 How2 Get More B2B Sales Leads by Understanding your eMail Design
5.3 How2 find a new route to B2B IT sales lead generation
5.4 B2B Copywriting Tool
5.5 The 10 Most-Ignored eMail Best Practices
5.6 Stupid eMail Template Designs: Ignore these at Your Own Peril
5.7 Top 250 Filtering Keywords
5.8 Subject line comparison
5.9 How2 Optimise your From and Subject lines
5.10 eMailing to BlackBerrys and 8 copywriting tips
5.11 The future of B2B marketing
5.12 16 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Content Marketing or Custom Publishing Project
5.13 eMail vs eNewsletters
5.14 25 Top Tips to find and retain customers
5.15 How2 hire a top B2B eMail copywriter
5.16 2008 B2B marketing budget trend survey
5.17 15 Reasons Why B2B Marketing is Different
5.18 The complete guide to creating HTML eMails – agency insider secrets that boost responses
5.19 5 Top Tactics to grow your revenue
5.20 eMail design tips to combat outlook 2007
5.21 Leads vs Appointments – ROI Gap Analysis
5.22 Top 10 B2B marketing tactics in a recession
5.23 How White Papers can generate quality leads
5.24 BACK TO BASICS: Using the Long Letter Format
5.25 How Do I Know If My HTML Message Gets Messed Up?
5.26 Top 6 B2B Cost Per Lead Campaign Metrics
5.27 Top 10 B2B Lead Management Tips
5.28 How2 design B2B eMails for the mobile phone
5.29 How2 check your eMail campaign broadcast
5.30 How Many Design Tactics Do You Use
5.31 FAQs: Get answers to eMail marketing questions
5.32 Why You Must Optimise the Top Line
5.33 Seven steps to a better eMail template
5.34 Use imagery for memorable eMails
5.35 Twelve Tips for Targeting Inactive Subscribers
5.36 The Psychology of Colour in eMail Design
5.37 How2 Overcome eMail Image Blocking Problems
5.38 Your new Mantra – only design eMails with the inbox in mind
5.39 How2 Avoid Blocked eMail Images
5.40 The 10 most-ignored Best Practices Part 2
5.41 How2 get your eMails Read at Board Level
5.42 Improve Your eMail Effectiveness
5.43 How2 Turn your eNewsletters into Sales Generation Programmes
5.44 The Importance of eMail Subject Lines
5.45 How2 Produce a Compelling Text eMail
5.46 How2 Create Effective Copy for Winning B2B eMail “Calls-to-Action”
5.47 Six Principles for Writing Effective Subject Lines
5.48 Design Innovation, Not Safety, Pays Big Dividends
5.49 The Anatomy of an Effective HTML eMail Message
5.50 How2 Freshen Up your eMail Designs
5.51 How2 Expand your eMail Communications
5.52 More effective eMail subject headings
5.53 8 Key Elements to a Successful eMail Marketing Campaign
5.54 Mobile Marketing A-Z Guide
5.55 Get your B2B eMails read
5.56 Get the WOWfactor in your emails
5.57 10 ways to guarantee eMail deliverability
5.58 What2 Do When eMail Images Don’t Load
5.59 Nine Ways to Blow the Cobwebs off your B2B eMails
5.60 30 Top Tips for eNewsletter Content
5.61 Why prospects prefer HTML eMails
5.62 How2 Avoid the 5 Biggest eMail Brand Killers

6. Data Services
6.1 30 ways to build ‘opted-in’ eMail lists
6.2 How2 cost justify a prospect marketing database.
6.3 How2 measure & enhance your mailing list
6.4 Seven ways to build up an opt-in database
6.5 Award-winning B2B Data Enhancement & Datacleanse Case Study

7. Lead Generation
7.1 Inbound Marketing Justification PowerPoint
7.2 Fewer Sales Leads, More Orders
7.3 How2 Get More Leads via eMail
7.4 How2 Produce eNewsletters that Sell
7.5 The Latest Statistics for Lead Generation in 2009
7.6 Thought Leadership Lead Generation Programmes
7.7 How2 Improve your Lead Conversion: Top 10 Tips
7.8 5 Simple Steps to Revitalise your B2B Sales Leads in 2009
7.9 The Highway Code for B2B Lead Generation
7.10 How2 Promote your Event by eMail
7.11 How Marketing Can Better Support the Sales Process
7.12 Five Steps to Successful Lead Qualification
7.13 10 Top Rules for Lead Generation Budget Justification
7.14 How2 Target Inactive B2B Prospects – 12 Tips
7.15 14 Top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Lead Generation Websites
7.16 How2 get Quality B2B Leads using eMail
7.17 How2 Build Stronger eMail Relationships
7.18 Seven Strategic Lead Generation Tips
7.19 Learn How2 create Quality Leads with Segmentation
7.20 Webinars For Lead Generation
7.21 How2 Expand your eMail Communications

8. Demand Generation
8.1 Lead Vantage
8.2 16 eMail TopTips to Generate More Sales Leads in 2009
8.3 Inbound Marketing: An Important Strategy In A Downturn In Order To Move Forward
8.4 Useful B2B Lead Generation Metrics
8.5 How2 Make your B2B Marketing Buyer-Focused 1 of 6
8.6 How2 Better Understand the B2B Buyer’s Journey 2 of 6
8.7 How2 Bring the B2B Buyer’s Journey In Line with Sales 3 of 6
8.8 3 Steps in How2 to bring the B2B buyer’s journey in line with marketing 4 of 6
8.9 How2 Bring the B2B Buyer into your Marketing Strategy 5 of 6
8.10 How2 obtain orders from B2B buyers problems 6 of 6
8.11 Demand Generation 1 of 6 – Don’t Settle for Leads; Get Demand Generation
8.12 Demand Generation 2 of 6 – How2 Maximise Lead Generation
8.13 Demand Generation 3 of 6 – How2 Qualify Leads the Easy Way
8.14 Demand Generation 4 of 6 – How2 Nurture Leads to Ensure Future Orders
8.15 Demand Generation 5 of 6 – How2 to Manage your Leads and Close the Sale
8.16 Demand Generation 6 of 6 – How2 Retain your Customers
8.17 How2 Add Value to your Demand Generation Campaigns
8.18 Want to Stay Ahead of the Competition? Generate Demand
8.19 How2 Improve your B2B Demand Generation

9. eMail Marketing
9.1 Top 12 issues directors should know about email marketing
9.2 Top 10 email newsletter design best practice
9.3 How2 Avoid Spam Filters
9.4 How2 Capture More B2B Leads from One-off eMail Campaigns
9.5 The Implications of Image Blocking Revealed
9.6 Why Combined eMail & Telemarketing is Better
9.7 Buying eMail marketing Solutions
9.8 How2 Get Past Spam Filters
9.9 A completely automated email strategy
9.10 How2 Build your Brand with eMail Marketing
9.11 The 10 Most-Ignored eMail Best Practices Part 2

10. Humour
10.1 A Candid Letter from your Prospect
10.2 Why Male Marketers are Never Depressed!

11. Internet Marketing / SEO / SEM / PPC
11.1 How2 Incorporate Web Analytics into eMail Marketing
11.2 Top 10 Free Useful Web Marketing SEO Tools
11.3 How2 Turn Online Pay Per Click Conversions into Leads
11.4 The Truth about Blacklists
11.5 eMail Heatmapping
11.6 Top 10 eMail Broadcast Quality Control Checks
11.7 The Anatomy of a Spam eMail
11.8 8 Ways to Effective Click-through Conversion Paths
11.9 How2 increase your open rates
11.10 Top 10 online Marketing ideas for the next quarter
11.11 15 Top Checkup Tips for Website Usability
11.12 How2 to Test eMails the Easy Way
11.13 Seven Essential eMail Tips
11.14 RSS – Should I Care
11.15 Search Marketing Strategy
11.16 Top 10 eMail Deliverability Mistakes
11.17 Improve Your eMail Effectiveness
11.18 How2 Manage High-Tech Prospects
11.19 How2 create winning B2B eMail “Call to action”
11.20 How to get more leads via eMail
11.21 Seven steps to a better eMail template
11.22 eMail statistics in the UK
11.23 How2 Evaluate your eMail Return On Investment
11.24 8 key elements to a successful email marketing campaign
11.25 7 Ideas for Effective Landing Pages
11.26 10 ways to guarantee eMail deliverability
11.27 10 Guidelines for writing effective eNewsletters
11.28 20 tips for writing effective B2B eMails
11.29 30 ways to build ‘opted-in’ eMail lists
11.30 Key Emotional Triggers for Great B2B Copy
11.31 The Importance of eMail Subject Lines
11.32 How2 pass an eMail audit
11.33 B2B Leads: Quality not Quantity is the Key to Success
11.34 How2 Get your B2B eMails Read
11.35 How to create a really effective eNewsletter
11.36 How2 Boost Open and Click-Through Rates
11.37 How2 Add Value to your Demand Generation Campaigns
11.38 How2 Perfect the Best Timing for Sending B2B eMail Campaigns
11.39 40 Key Emotional Triggers for Great B2B Copy that gets Read
11.40 How to evaluate your eMail return-on-investment
11.41 Key Performance Indicators that will Increase Leads from your Website
11.42 How2 Get the Most out of your B2B eNewsletters
11.43 How2 Create a Really Effective eNewsletter
11.44 Maximise your exhibition investment with eMail
11.45 SEO – Bringing it In-House vs Outsourcing
11.46 Search Engine Marketing
11.47 Top 20 tips for eMarketers
11.48 Three questions every B2B eMail should answer
11.49 Web-enable your Seminar
11.50 Webinars For Lead Generation
11.51 How2 Avoid the 5 Biggest eMail Brand Killers
11.52 Webinar marketing using eMail
11.53 Why a ‘Search Marketing Strategy’ will enhance Lead Generation

12. Outsourced Marketing
12.1 Why choose eMarket2 as your B2B agency
12.2 How2 Change Your eMail Service Provider
12.3 How2 Recruit Good eMail Marketers
12.4 Six ways to select a B2B agency
12.5 How2 Outsource Event Management
12.6 Maximise Exhibition Investment with eMail
12.7 Why you should outsource lead handling and lead nurturing
12.8 eMail: Outsourcing vs In-house
12.9 SEO – Bringing it In-House vs Outsourcing

13. StatsWatch
13.1 What’s your #1 B2B lead generation marketing priority for 2009? Final Result.
13.2 What’s your #1 B2B lead generation marketing priority for 2009? Second Result
13.3 What’s your #1 B2B lead generation marketing priority for 2009?
13.4 #1 Lead Gen Marketing Priority for 2009
13.5 Check your eMail Stats against the Competition
13.6 The Vital Statistics of UK Search Marketing
13.7 Our New Section on B2B eMail Marketing & Lead Generation Stats

14. Technology for Marketing
14.1 How2 Justify Online Marketing Budgets to Senior Management (PowerPoint)
14.2 Dynamic Messaging Explained
14.3 eMail Marketing FAQs
14.4 Five make or break image blocking factors
14.5 ClickZ Winner 2006 – Best B2B eNewsletter
14.6 How2 pass an eMail audit
14.7 How2 Expand your eMail Communications
14.8 How2 Avoid the 5 Biggest eMail Brand Killers

15. Telemarketing
15.1 Why the Telephone is the Most Valuable B2B Marketing Tool
15.2 How many phone calls does it take to generate a B2B lead?
15.3 10 Guaranteed Ways to Improve your Telemarketing
15.4 Why Combined eMail & Telemarketing is Better
15.5 How2 Add Value to your Demand Generation Campaigns

16. Videos
16.1 Building a Better eMail List
16.2 Expert eMail Design
16.3 Back to Basics and eMail Best Practices
16.4 eMail Marketing Trends Video